Price list

Aniline Care Kit £20.00

Instructions for use

Use the leather cleaner by spraying onto the leather and rub with a soft cloth or sponge. Wipe off with a damp cloth. Wipe dry with a clean absorbent cloth or towel.

Follow by applying a small amount of leather cream protector to the cloth and rub in a circular motion over the leather. Rub away with a clean dry cloth removing as much as possible. This will place a protective barrier on the surface of the leather and prevent dirt and everyday soiling damaging the leather.

Re-apply when cleaned.


200ml Protection Cream is sufficient to:

Fully protect a three-piece suite 2-3 times!

Fully protect a large car interior 4-5 times!

The kit can be used on: -

Aniline Leather

Wax pull up leather